2015 Internet2 Global Summit

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Community Showcase: Reliable, Byte-Stream Bulk Data Transfer Over the WAN Using Aspera FASPStream

Time 04/29/15 01:00PM-01:30PM

Room Congressional Hall Foyer

Session Abstract

Software developers that need to integrate high-speed transfer capabilities into their software or services have called on Aspera's file-based APIs to initiate, manage, and control high-speed transfers from one file system to another. To support the broader set of use cases where developers wish to bypass the file system and directly access the high-speed transfer "pipe" from their applications, we created the new Aspera FASPStream API. Rather than starting a transfer by reading a file from disk and ending the transfer by writing to disk, the new API supports transfers to or from a custom process running in memory with another custom process running on a separate machine, or any standard Aspera server.

The API uses the Aspera FASP protocol, so transfers achieve maximum speed over any distance, with security, efficiency, and bandwidth control. The Aspera FASPStream API enables the transfer of any stream of bytes as they are being created or captured, and can allow access to portions of a file in memory during the transfer process rather than waiting for the entire file to be written to disk. This presentation will cover the inner workings of FASPStream technology as well as its current and potential applications.


Speaker Charles Shiflett Aspera

Primary track Community Showcase

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