2015 Internet2 Global Summit

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Community Showcase: Intelligent Flow Management Solution

Time 04/28/15 09:00AM-09:30AM

Room Congressional Hall Foyer

Session Abstract

Research Institutions and their power users, the Researcher Scientists, are always looking for opportunities to speed the transfer of large datasets to peer institutions around the world. Bigger pipes to the upstream Research and Education Network helps speed the transfer but is often slowed when the data flow reaches the campus due to security rules and inspection. ESNet has said that firewalls can slow the data transfer rate of these large data sets by 20x.
The Science DMZ architecture has put forth a concept to remove the bottleneck seen when the dataflow enters the campus. However, most Research Institutions are facing two challenges implementing the Science DMZ architecture. One, many organizations’ security policy does not allow them to put their Research environments outside the Enterprise firewall. Two, operationalizing the Science DMZ with commercially supported tools has been a challenge.
Brocade has developed a software-driven solution that is open, modular and commercially supported to address these obstacles. The Intelligent Flow Management Solution utilizes OpenFlow, sFlow, OpenDaylight and the Brocade Flow Optimizer application for OpenDaylight to speed the transfer of trusted dataflows outside of the campus.

The Community Showcase will provide a demonstration of the solution.


Speaker Chris Oskuie Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.

Primary track Community Showcase

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