2015 Internet2 Global Summit

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Community Showcase: Cloud Services Track - BTI Systems and UVA

Time 04/29/15 08:30AM-09:00AM

Room Congressional Hall Foyer

Session Abstract

The rapid adoption of cloud services is driving more data online, forcing research and education (R&E) data center operators to take on more cloud processing functions. The result is that machine-to-machine (M2M) traffic is growing much faster than client-server, and data centers have become larger and more distributed to accommodate the explosive growth in traffic to meet demand from researchers and others in the R&E community.

This presentation will discuss the challenges, requirements and opportunities for new architectures that will be the foundation for new research and education networking models. It will include an optical layer that supports up to 10T of optical switching capacity, as well as the integrated MPLS core routing functionality that is a ground breaking solution and a new innovation in the industry. 10G and 100G Ethernet play a huge role in initial deployments of this Cloud Exchange solution (already deployed in some colocation sites), which will expand and scale to full MPLS core and edge routing features required for the global cloud exchange deployments, without the typical router overhead and extensive legacy features that are not required.

BTI has reached out to Malathi Veeraraghavan (UVA) to present the R&E perspective on the Cloud Exchange solution. If she is not able to participate, BTI will reach out to another researcher or an Internet2 staffer to present the R&E perspective on the Cloud Exchange solution.

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