2015 Internet2 Global Summit

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Community Showcase: Fixing the Problems of the Internet

Time 04/28/15 03:30PM-04:00PM

Room Congressional Hall Foyer

Session Abstract

How can the problems of the Internet be solved with 250 words? The magnitude of the Internet has surpassed the imaginations of the original architects from DEC, BBN, and the Universities, resulting in many scale issues that need to be overcome.

The Internet2 has solved some of these problems. The American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) ran out of publicly available IPv4 address space last year. IPv6 uptake is sluggish or stalled in many cases. Internet peering is entrenched with carrier hotels leading to excessive market consolidation. Public Network Aggregation Points no longer exist. The Internet2 has endeavored to resolve some of these issues; it is natively IPv6 which exponentially expands the available address space and still shepherds interconnection and ensures public availability.

However there are at least two problems that have not yet been solved. Internet carriers want exclusive dominion over traffic control. The US Government has resorted to laws written long ago for utilities to try to ensure fair play.

To this, I ask "What if the end user could control prioritization?" Democratizing network priority could be simplified with a certificate and an open API to mark transportable traffic, enabling a voluntary democratic portion of the infrastructure. The Internet is still very susceptible to DDoS attacks and other Internet weather storms. I propose public scrubbing centers based on Open-Flow located in NAPs could shore up the resiliency and security of the Internet if they followed an open set of APIs that would allow greater control at the interconnect.


Speaker James Cabe Fortinet

Primary track Community Showcase

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