2015 Internet2 Global Summit

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Executive Track: Case Studies

Time 04/28/15 02:30PM-05:30PM

Room Renaissance Ballroom

Session Abstract

To stimulate further discussion about how cyberinfrastructure tools and services can solve specific research needs at the campus level, this session will include three case studies of tools and services you can include in your research support portfolio of services. We expect to leave these sessions with many unanswered questions but insightful thoughts on what we should be focusing on next.

Session overview:

  • Welcome and afternoon session overview; recap from NIH session
  • Introduce Case Studies
  • Electronic Lab Notebooks - An enterprise tool to support research data management
    • Presenters: Bruce Maas, CIO and Vice Provost for Information Technology, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Earl Beutler, CEO, LabArchives; Jan Cheetham, Office of the CIO, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    • Abstract: Cornell, University of Wisconsin-Madison, CalTech, and Ohio State University recently completed a service validation for the new NET+ service, LabArchives, an Electronic Lab Notebook software. The process required some new approaches to licensing that incorporated both institutional research budgets and student enrollments as well as blending together functional requirements for the professional, or research edition, and the classroom edition of the platform. LabArchives represents one of the first enterprise tools specifically for research adopted at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Our selection and validation process involved several pilots and procurements to ensure campus interest and fit with the requirements of researchers. Implementation has been structured around the campus data stewardship policy and compliance requirements and includes outreach to researchers to encourage data management best practices. Our current focus is on establishing ongoing funding for the implementation and methods for long–term stewardship data in the ELN.

  • Cloud computing cookbook (exploration and implementation)
    • Presenters: Kevin Morooney
    • Abstract: Reflecting a common need to understand how cloud resources can be used in a research context, our second case study will be on the Cloud Service Cookbook. Many excellent tools and services exist that can help researchers collaborate and that can seamlessly integrate with existing campus systems. The cookbook guides vendors and campuses in creating cloud service integrations that can be done quickly and properly and that can scale to meet the growing needs of distributed research.

  • ACI-REF Program - viewpoints
    • Presenters: Jim Bottum, Dave Lassner
    • Abstract: The Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Research and Education Facilitator (ACI-REF) consortium is building a nationwide alliance of computational science experts and educators to empower local campus researchers to be more effective users of advanced cyberinfrastructure. The ACI-REF program seeks to work with the “academic missing middle” of ACI users—those scholars and faculty members who traditionally have not benefited from the power of massively scaled cluster computing but who recognize that their research requires access to more compute power than can be provided by their desktop machines. Participants in this consortium include: Clemson University, University of Southern California, Harvard University, University of Wisconsin, University of Hawaii, and University of Utah.

  • Discussion of themes, formation of BoF groups


Speaker Bruce Maas University of Wisconsin - Madison

Speaker Earl Beutler LabArchives

Speaker Jan Cheetham University of Wisconsin - Madison

Speaker Kevin Morooney Penn State (Pennsylvania State University, The)

Speaker Jim Bottum Clemson University

Speaker David Lassner University of Hawaii - Manoa

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Cooking in the Cloud: Planning for Cloud Service Integration

Speaker Kevin Morooney Internet2

Speaker Keith Wessel University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign

media item thumbnail Maintaining The Scholarly Research Record In The Cloud (Executive Track)

Speaker Earl Beutler LabArchives

Speaker Jan Cheetham University of Wisconsin - Madison

Primary track Executive Track (Invitation Only)

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