2015 Internet2 Global Summit

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Maintaining the Scholarly Research Record in the Cloud: Introducing LabArchives Electronic Laboratory Notebook

Time 04/29/15 03:00PM-04:00PM

Room Meeting Room 10/11

Session Abstract

Most data and the record of collection of research data are now mediated by instruments that generate electronic records. The centuries old method of recording this data and methods, the paper laboratory notebook has obvious limitations in maintaining electronic records. Still, because the lab notebook is more than a casual recording of an individual’s work, it represents the methods and collected observations that should allow the replication of research results. The lab notebook is a legal document that is required by many research institutions and the funders of research, and is a record of discovery for intellectual property claims. As such, tools that people are using in the transition from a paper to a digital record must meet both the researchers’ need for convenience and functionality and required standards for maintaining a secure and verifiable research record.

As part of an Internet2 Net+ service validation, Cornell University, The California Institute of Technology, The Ohio State University, and the University of Wisconsin – Madison have evaluated a new cloud-based tool, an electronic laboratory notebook (ELN). The service, LabArchives, offers a functional, extensible platform for maintaining the research record. This service is available for both our research and education communities.

In this presentation, we will highlight features of the service and the approaches of our institutions to implementing the ELN service for our research and teaching colleagues.

In the course of the presentation we will highlight:
• Overview of the system
o Service architecture
o General purpose ELN – widely useable
o Overview of user interface
• Key features
o User authentication and access control
o Data security
o Ability to access data and searchability
o Collaboration/data sharing
o Ability to customize
• Compliance institutional/national policy
o Data management requirements
o Human subjects research
o Export Control
o Intellectual property
• Product roadmap
o Accessibility improvements
o Improved data export
o Advisory board
• Implementation
o University of Wisconsin
• Use of Grouper for account authorization
o Cornell University
o The Ohio State University

Our institutions recognize that this will be only a step towards centralized support for supporting our researchers’ data management needs. In offering this service, it has started a dialog on our campuses about how we advance common research IT needs while still managing to address development of capabilities required by specific disciplines. In selecting and deploying this service, all of our campuses have gained expertise that will make future deployments of research tools simpler and faster.


Speaker Earl Beutler LabArchives

Speaker Jan Cheetham University of Wisconsin - Madison

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Maintaining the Scholarly Research Record in the Cloud

Speaker Jan Cheetham University of Wisconsin - Madison

Primary track Applied Research & Scholarship

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