2015 Internet2 Global Summit

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Security Without Borders

Time 04/28/15 03:00PM-04:00PM

Room Meeting Room 12/13/14

Session Abstract

The introduction of high speed networks has changed the information security landscape, requiring universities to take a holistic approach, both securing endpoints and infrastructure. Traditionally, data from the Internet has been met only by an external barrier to the network. Yet, firewalls alone have often proven to be too porous to be an effective sole barrier to hostile sources. Today, the ideal configuration for maximizing security intelligence on a campus network includes a firewall with security appliances at critical junctures. By filtering malicious data and providing rich intelligence information to a university’s Information Security Office for further remediation, this configuration solution provides the added visibility necessary for today’s information security landscape. Through the use of big data analytics, network traffic is compared and correlated with known malicious content and sources, helping to identify and prevent data exfiltration that may otherwise go undetected. This multipronged approach for addressing the new security needs moves technical support and security from a reactive stance to a proactive and value-added resource for the institution.

This session will discuss the cyber security standards, policies, and technologies necessary to effectively support education and research within an ever-changing security environment. Takeaways will include a thorough understanding of the utility of big data analytics tools for information security and insight into innovative ways to use these security solutions in an education and research setting. We will discuss the security solutions available, the value of the different security configurations, and the costs an institution must consider prior to implementing each solution.


Speaker Charles McMahon Tulane University

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Security Without Borders

Speaker Charles McMahon Tulane University

Primary track Cyber Security & Trust & Identity

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