FTW: International OpenFlow/SDN Testbeds

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OpenWave: Supporting international OpenFlow/SDN testbeds for at-scale experimentation

Time 03/31/15 03:20PM-03:40PM

Room Bayview Ballroom 214

Session Abstract

Due to geography, networking between Brazil and the United States of America is operated over submarine cables. No terrestrial connectivity exists, and due to a protected rainforest between Panama and Colombia it is unclear if a purely terrestrial path will ever be possible. There are three submarine cable systems that consist of a total of 18 pairs of fiber that connect the countries of South America to other countries, primarily the U.S. All pairs are in use. All have extreme saturation near the blue end of the optical spectrum due to the legacy load of waves established over four years. The migrations to new technologies are extremely difficult, as the legacy waves must be operated at near five nines per existing SLAs. As a result, even adoption of 40G waves has been limited.

In this proposal, we describe the OpenWave project: an experiment to test a 100G alien wave end-to-end from São Paulo to Miami. OpenWave will offer the research community access to a 100G network environment, that spans approximately 10,000 km of submarine optical system, to conduct at-scale experiments. OpenFlow/SDN testbeds will be described as a methodology to support at-scale experimentation. Results will be used to inform the Research and Education networking community of the feasibility of operating very long distance 100G alien wave systems as an alternative to leasing fixed capacity bandwidth.


Speaker Julio Ibarra Florida International University

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