FTW: International OpenFlow/SDN Testbeds

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Experience of the RISE Testbed Deployment

Time 04/01/15 10:50AM-11:10AM

Room Bayview Ballroom 214

Session Abstract

NICT joined a transpacific OpenFlow network experiment in 2008 and has been operating a wide-area OpenFlow network infrastructure since 2009. Now, we are accepting various OpenFlow/SDN experiments as the RISE testbed. Through the operation of this testbed service, we acquire much experience of international collaborations on deploying global-scale SDN environments. In this presentation, I will talk about the design and implementation of RISE and lessons learnt there. In addition, testbed federation issues will be covered.


Speaker Eiji Kawai APAN (Asia-Pacific Advanced Network)

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Experience of the RISE Testbed Deployment

Speaker Eiji Kawai National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT)