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ONOS: A Carrier-Grade SDN Network OS

Time 04/01/15 02:30PM-02:50PM

Room Bayview Ballroom 214

Session Abstract

ONOS, a carrier-grade SDN network operating system, was open sourced on Dec 5th, 2014 by a partnership comprising of ON.Lab, leading service providers including AT&T, NTT, SK Telecom and vendors. ONOS delivers a highly available, scalable SDN control plane featuring northbound and southbound abstractions and interfaces for a diversity of management, control, service applications and network devices.
Different use-cases have been implemented on ONOS along the way, including segment routing, a converged packet-optical control plane with a bandwidth calendaring application, SDN-IP for seamless BGP peering of the SDN network with external networks and a Network Function as a Service (NFaaS) ecosystem for Central Offices.
Together with the development efforts, deployment initiatives are being scoped and planned in conjunction with the ON.Lab partners.
The talk will provide a brief description of ON.Lab and ONOS use cases followed by a summary of current and future trials and deployment plans.
The ONOS project has been created and is currently driven by Open Networking Lab (ON.Lab). ON.Lab is a non-profit organization founded by SDN inventors and leaders from Stanford University and UC Berkeley to foster an open source community for developing tools and platforms to realize the full potential of SDN. ON.Lab brings innovative ideas from leading edge research and delivers high quality open source platforms on which members of its ecosystem and the industry can build real products and solutions.


Speaker Luca Prete Open Networking Laboratory

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail ONOS and the Importance of Deployments

Speaker Luca Prete Open Networking Laboratory