Improving Data Mobility & Management for International Cosmology

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SDSS-IV Data Archive and Collaboration Webapps

Time 02/10/15 02:30PM-03:00PM

Room Second Floor Auditorium

Session Abstract

For over 15 years, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS-I, -II, and -III) has been accumulating data from the Apache Point Observatory (APO) 2.5 meter telescope. The latest data release (DR12) includes millions of BOSS spectra including redshifted galaxies and quasars over 10,000 square degrees; and hundreds of thousand of APOGEE, SEGUE-2 and MARVELS stellar spectra. These unprecedented surveys provide extraordinary data both outside the Milky Way for cosmological models (particularly the measurement of the baryon acoustic oscillation feature and galaxy clustering for large scale structure), and inside the Milky Way for the study of the evolution of our Galaxy. With SDSS-IV starting this past July 2014, the challenge has increased to observing our Galaxy now in both northern and southern hemispheres with APOGEE-II, pushing our cosmological galaxy and quasar surveys to much higher redshifts with eBOSS to study dark energy and the origin of cosmic acceleration, and performing the largest IFU survey of 10,000 nearby galaxies with MaNGA to study the relationship between dark and luminous matter. In this talk, I will describe our newly built SDSS-IV data archive which will reach the petabyte scale, our transfer infrastructure which includes multistream rsync and globus services, our high-performance centralized cluster-based computational services which parallelize our various data reduction pipelines, and our science archive server (SAS) and collaboration webapps which allow our teams to optimize their workflow.


Speaker Joel Brownstein University of Utah

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Speaker Joel Brownstein University of Utah