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Anita Orendt

ORG University of Utah Title Staff Scientist BIO Anita is a member of the molecular modeling group which is focused on obtaining a model for the organic matter of oil shale (kerogen) and oil sands (asphaltenes) which, once validated by comparison of calculated properties to experimental observables, will be used to explore the interaction between the organic material and the inorganic matrix. After obtaining her PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Utah in 1987 studying solid state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) measurements of chemical shift tensors, Anita remained with the NMR group as a research associate working on a number of projects including the use of NMR in the study of coal and the use of calculations in the interpretation of NMR shift tensors. In 1999 she joined the Center for High Performance at the University of Utah as a staff scientist. In this role Anita is responsible for maintaining and installing software packages for the molecular modeling community as well as providing support in the use of this software. In addition, she continues to be active in research on a number of topics, including the calculation of NMR chemical shielding, crystal structure prediction, and the study of transition states for chemical reactions.

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