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Trust & Identity Corporate CAMP Roster

There are 23 registered attendees.

Note Some attendees did not wish to be listed on the attendee roster; thus, the actual number of individuals who registered for the Meeting is slightly higher than shown here.

Name Institution
Saunders, Brandon IDM Integration
Olshansky, Steve Internet Society
Gettes, Michael Carnegie Mellon University
Florio, Licia TERENA
Grady, Michael Unicon, Inc.
Shanmugalingam, Ganganath Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology
Tegebo, Ian Cirrus Identity, Inc.
Chamberlin, Dedra Cirrus Identity, Inc.
Koranda, Scott Spherical Cow Group
Bero, Kenneth Aegis Identity Software, Inc.
Souers, Kari SmartIT
Bouckaert, Kristina SmartIT
Cinquepalmi, Mario IDM Integration

List of Internet2 Staff Supporting Meeting

Kim, Iljun
Krienke, John
Zoppi, Steven
West, Ann
Klingenstein, Nate
Woodbeck, Dean
Waggener, Shelton
Zawacki, Michael

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