2014 Technology Exchange

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Colocated Meetings and Workshops

Advance CAMP

(Monday, October 27, through Tuesday, October 28)

Join leading identity architects and developers from U.S. research and higher education to explore the state of the art in identity services and discuss leading edge work. Advance CAMP provides substantial time for exploration and discussion of topics and work items of interest to participants in the area of identity services. The unconference format allows all attendees to determine the agenda and discussion topics.


(Wednesday, October 29, through Thursday, October 30)

Note: CAMP sessions are fully integrated with the 2014 Technology Exchange program. No separate registration fee is required.

CAMP promotes effective campus identity practices and educates higher education institutions and their partners about participating in a national and growing international trust infrastucture. Topics vary and are developed by a community-driven program committee. For more on the CAMP program, see incommon.org/camp.


(Sunday, October 26, 8:00a–5:00p)

REFEDS articulates the mutual needs of research and education identity federations worldwide. Many participants represent national identity federations. For more on REFEDs, see refeds.org.

The Key Essentials for Leadership Workshop

(Sunday, October 26, 1:00–5:00p)

It is well known that organizations with good leadership are more productive and have lower turnover (41% lower turnover, in fact.) Yet it is not unusual to promote good workers to a leadership role and expect them to be good leaders with no formal training. Leadership is like any skill; it takes training, support and work to get better. If you have someone on your team that you have recently promoted to a team leader or early management position, you may be interested in having her attend this special Intro to Leadership workshop that is being held the Sunday prior to the 2014 Technology Exchange in Indianapolis, October 26, 2014.

This workshop gives new leaders a foundation to improve their leadership skills. It includes an introduction to leadership and how to build relationships between the leader and the team. Communication, the single most important skill for a leader, is next on the agenda, with proven techniques to improve. The workshop concludes with goal setting and tracking—the first step to building an accountable team that executes. This workshop uses content developed by Academy Leadership and delivered to over 10,000 people. It will be presented by Don Welch, current CEO of Merit Network, with 35 years of leadership experience and training.

Goals, Priorities and Communication Workshop Overview

Aligning and Accomplishing Goals

  • Learn how to apply the SMART formula for setting, aligning and accomplishing goals.
  • Understand the value of making your team a part of the goal planning process.
  • Understand why goals provide direction and define priorities.
  • Learn the importance of clarifying roles and responsibilities.
  • Learn how to communicate and measure results.

Setting Leadership Priorities

  • Learn what your time is really worth.
  • Understand how to manage your time more effectively.
  • Learn the seven steps for maximizing time use.
  • Identify and effectively use high-payoff activities.
  • Learn how to prioritize your tasks with proactive planning.

Learning the Systems Approach to Communication

  • Understand of the main causes of organizational communications problems.
  • Learn how messages become distorted and four ways to handle data overload.
  • Learn best practices for feedback and how to apply the brief-back approach.
  • Understand the importance of effective listening.
  • Understand how to solicit and give feedback using Johari Window.

ESnet Coordinating Committee (ESCC)

(Thursday, October 30, 8:30a–5:00p, through Friday, October 31, 8:30a–2:00p)

ESCC meetings are held twice yearly. The meetings provide a forum for the National Laboratory Site Coordinators and their staff to coordinate and plan network activity with ESnet staff, and with each other, on common networking issues where collective effort is necessary or beneficial. For information on the ESCC, see ESnet Site Coordinators.

Trust and Identity Corporate CAMP

(Thursday, October 30, 12:15–4:00p)

Companies that support identity management, and particularly federated identity management consulting or solutions, will benefit from Corporate CAMP, a half-day meeting on the afternoon of Thursday, October 30th. The meeting will:​

  • Convene a discussion around supporting the research and education community with federated identity management, with specifics on how companies can help their clients
  • Provide an overview and discussion about the 2015 goals and direction for InCommon, particularly those relating to making federation easier
  • Offer information about planned architectural and technical work related to making federation easier