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PGP Key Signing Party

Time 10/27/14 07:45PM-08:45PM

Room Room 205

Session Abstract

PGP (and its open-source counterpart GnuPG) is an important component of network security and privacy. It relies on a "web of trust" established by the signing of keys belonging to individuals known to the signer. This informal meeting will offer attendees an easy opportunity to extend the web of trust associated with their keys.

Attendees wishing to participate in the key signing must follow these steps: 1) upload your key to a public key server, 2) email your key ID to lambert@psc-FOO.edu (with suitable subject line and obvious fix to address) and 3) bring your key fingerprint and acceptable identification to the signing event. Key IDs must be received by 1700 EDT (2100 UTC) on Sunday, 26 October to be included.

More information on requirements and logistics will be distributed in advance of the party.

Primary track Security

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