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IDP of Last Resort Working Group

Time 10/29/14 07:15AM-08:15AM

Room Room 202

Session Abstract

SPs often find that the population they want to serve includes individuals who are not represented by campus-based or other institutional IdPs. Ideally in those cases such individuals could be directed to register with a participating IdP that offered no-cost, easy registration processes. Some services that once fit this description now require onerous charges to SPs for their use, so a second ideal characteristic is that such "IdPs of Last Resort" not charge SPs for their use. This working group will evaluate the issues and requirements around an IdPs of Last Resort and provide recommendations on next steps. For more info see https://spaces.internet2.edu/display/IDPoLR/Home


Speaker Keith Hazelton University of Wisconsin - Madison

Speaker Steve Olshansky Internet Society

Primary track Trust and Identity

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