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Cybersecurity for Higher Education and Research: One World or Two?

Time 10/28/14 02:15PM-03:00PM

Room White River Ballroom E-F

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Session Abstract

Our campuses have keys missions of higher education to develop our next citizens and scientists, and performing world-class research. Both of these missions are increasingly depending on computing infrastructure and on the cybersecurity that provides integrity. But while higher education and research both take place in our brick and mortar campuses, we have struggled to unifiy the computing infastructure of these worlds. This panel will explore the role of cybersecurity in that divide - can the same processes that secure our general campus networks and IT work for supercomputers and Big Data?
In this panel, we will explore both the tensions and synergies between cybersecurity for higher education and research, and see if we can find the "unified cybersecurity program" that could serve them both.

Presenters will include Michael Corn, Deputy CIO and CISO for Brandeis University; Adam Slagell, Assistant Director and Chief Information Security Officer at NCSA; and Von Welch, Deputy Directory, Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research at Indiana University. A fourth presenter will be added.


Speaker Von Welch Indiana University

Speaker Michael Corn Brandeis University

Speaker Adam Slagell University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign

Speaker Rob Stanfield Purdue University - Main Campus

Primary track Security

Secondary tracks Trust and Identity

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