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Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Research and Education Facilitators (ACI-REFs)

Time 10/28/14 03:30PM-04:15PM

Room White River Ballroom C

Session Abstract

Lauren Michael, University of Wisconsin – Madison
Anita Orendt, University of Utah
Ken-Ichi Nomura, University of Southern California
Galen Collier, Clemson University
Gwen Jacobs, University of Hawaii

Alex Feltus, Clemson University – REMOTE PRESENTER
Paul Wilson, University of Wisconsin – Madison

Campus CI Engineer:
Chris Konger, Clemson University

This session will describe current and future initiatives of the "Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Research and Education Facilitators (ACI-REFs)" program, a consortium that is forging a nationwide alliance of educators to empower local campus researchers to be more effective users of advanced cyberinfrastructure (ACI). The project engages with the “long tail” of ACI users by building a coordinated network of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Research and Education Facilitators, campus champions whose mission is to leverage existing resources and “make a difference” in supporting their local campus researchers. By aggregating expertise and resources, consortium members are creating distributed technical and support operations that provide researchers with methods to leverage much larger and robust sets of resources. Partnering with Internet2, we use the Innovation Platform to connect campuses and allow high performance interconnections through Science DMZs that can be built and broken down in ad-hoc ways using SDN. Together with the project’s community building characteristics, these activities are a model for “team science” that can be extended and replicated nationally. This project will be transformative for campus IT. It will enable science and education deployments that are not possible today and create a community of practitioners that shares resources, experience, and expertise to facilitate new knowledge and discovery. Presenters on this panel will include facilitators, researchers, and campus cyberinfrastructure engineers.


Speaker Barr von Oehsen Clemson University

Speaker Anita Orendt University of Utah

Speaker Galen Collier Clemson University

Speaker Alex Feltus Clemson University

Speaker Chris Konger Clemson University

Speaker Lauren Michael University of Wisconsin - Madison

Speaker Ken-Ichi Nomura University of Southern California

Speaker Gwen Jacobs University of Hawaii

Speaker Paul Wilson University of Wisconsin - Madison

Moderator James Cuff Harvard University

Primary track Advanced Networking/Joint Techs

Secondary tracks Leadership

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