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Scaling Up Your Network Monitoring: From the Garden Hose to the Firehose

Time 10/28/14 04:15PM-05:00PM

Room White River Ballroom B

Session Abstract

As our high speed networks have become vital tools for enhancing academic and scientific discoveries, the race continues to bigger pipes and faster connections.  With these exponential changes to our core and border networks, institutions need to plan for similar adjustments to their monitoring infrastructure.  Whether moving from 1G to 10G or from 10G to 100G, similar questions arise in our community about scaling up network monitoring.  In this presentation I will address monitor placement, explore options for load-balancing and aggregation, and provide recommendations for monitoring high-bandwidth networks. I will focus on Berkeley Lab's evaluation of 100G monitoring devices and explore how the commodity network vendors are driving changes in the monitoring appliance market. The presentation will leave time for an open discussion of other approaches and give the audience an opportunity to share their tips and tricks with large-scale network monitoring.


Speaker Vincent Stoffer Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Scaling Up Your Network Monitoring

Speaker Vincent Stoffer Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)

Primary track Security

Secondary tracks Advanced Networking/Joint Techs

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