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SNMP Security on Campus Systems and Networks

Time 10/29/14 01:30PM-02:15PM

Room White River Ballroom D

Session Abstract

SNMP is used (or potentially used) for network management
purposes by virtually every device on your network.

Unfortunately, SNMP has historically had weak security.

SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c were and are subject to sniffing attacks
due to transmission of community strings in plain text over the wire (assuming administrators have even bothered changing them from
the all-too-common defaults of "public" and "private").

SNMPv3 now offers support for transport layer security, but are sites even bothering to configure it?

Many sites may perhaps assume that port 161/162 traffic is filtered
from general access by default, but simply searching shodanhq.com

hostname:.edu port:161

finds 27,292 exposed devices in the United States alone.

This session will describe the SNMP security challenge, and explain
the importance of ensuring that SNMPv3 is used, including taking full
advantage of its encryption options.


Speaker Joseph St Sauver Internet2

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail SNMP Security for Campus Networks and Systems

Speaker Joe St Sauver Internet2/University of Oregon

Primary track Security

Secondary tracks Trust and Identity

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