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Web10G: Real Time TCP Metrics for High Performance Networking

Time 10/30/14 08:30AM-09:15AM

Room White River Ballroom B

Session Abstract

TCP metrics are invaluable in the diagnosis of a wide range of network performance issues. However, the collection of these metrics is often complicated by issues familiar to anyone in the field. Whether it is a lack of access, non optimally located measurement infrastructure, transient problems, or inefficiencies hidden by the application; not having the right metrics when required significantly slows the resolution process. Web10G promises to resolve many of these problems by providing the real time collection of detailed TCP metrics from any application on any enabled host easily and efficiently. This data will be the foundation of a wide range of new tools and methods to enhance the user experience and speed the scientific workflow. To illustrate this, the Web10G team will present Insight; a Web10G based tool that allows users to quickly identify problematic TCP flows and easily share pertinent data with network engineers and NOCs.


Speaker Chris Rapier 3ROX/Drexel (Three Rivers Optical Exchange)

Primary track Advanced Networking/Joint Techs

Secondary tracks Cloud Services (Systems Integration & Ownership)

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