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eduroam Supporting Services

Time 10/29/14 04:15PM-05:00PM

Room White River Ballroom G-H-I

Session Abstract

The eduroam service provides secure, consistent and uniform
roaming network access service. Having started in Europe, eduroam has gained momentum throughout the research and education community and is now available in almost 70 countries world-wide.

In addition to operating the basic technical infrastructure for Europe, the GÉANT eduroam team also delivers a supporting services suite to support the widespread deployment of eduroam. This suite includes a central database with information about participating institutions, monitoring & metering tools and configuration assistant tool for end users and campus administrators (CAT).

The aim of this session is to present the current status of the GEANT's
eduroam supporting services suite and discuss the possibility to extend it's use beyond the borders of Europe. Recognising the need for standardised, globally available and applicable tools, further development plans and related collaboration activities will be discussed.


Speaker Miroslav Milinovic University of Zagreb

Presentation Media

Primary track Trust and Identity

Secondary tracks CAMP 201

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