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Multi-Layer SDN for Ultimate Flexibility in R&E Networks

Time 10/29/14 04:15PM-05:00PM

Room White River Ballroom A

Session Abstract

The main objective of the session is to discuss how future R&E networks can be built so as to provide ultimate flexibility in network operations when traffic flows shift, bandwidth grows and the user community requirements evolve. Rapid, automated provisioning of optical networks/services and resiliency to failures are key enablers to make networks simple, scalable and easy to use. This requires not only an optical network architecture that enables bandwidth-on-demand, with service termination points being ubiquitous throughout the network but also a multi-layer control plane that simplifies operations and optimizes utilization of resources. Multi-layer SDN unifies the control plane for the packet and optical layers and simplifies, orchestrates and automates provisioning operations in a multi-vendor, multi-layer environment.

The R&E community has a unique requirement to deliver connectivity services that support elephant flows (flows of greater than 10Gbps) to campus sites. The multi-domain nature of the global research network provides a significant challenge when carrying such large flows around the world. To meet this challenge, R&E networks have driven the standardization of the NSI (Network Service Interface) protocol which is now being implemented in dynamic network services across the world. This session will consider how NSI and multi-layer SDN can be combined to enhance the delivery of future elephant flow needs.

This session will involve joint presentations from R&E community (e.g, Dante) and vendors (e.g., Infinera). The R&E community will focus on the challenges of an NREN (National Research and Education Network) provider and how it envisages the integration of transport SDN into dynamic circuit services to enable speedier multi-user collaborative delivery of bandwidth services in a multi-layer multi-vendor environment.

The vendors will present on how SDN and underlying networks can best be integrated and how some of the emerging technologies - flexible grid-based super-channels and photonic integration with multi-directional optical switching maximize the benefits of multi-layer SDN.


Speaker Soumya Roy Infinera Corporation

Speaker Guy Roberts GEANT/DANTE

Presentation Media

Primary track Advanced Networking/Joint Techs

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