2014 Internet2 Global Summit

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Multi-Factor Authentication: Do I Need It, and How Do I Get Started?

Time 04/08/14 03:00PM-04:00PM

Room Governor's Square 10

Session Abstract

The threats against password-based authentication are becoming stronger over time, and password complexity and length requirements cannot continue to protect our online systems. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) addresses this problem by integrating additional authentication schemes – typically phone, mobile device, and/or hardware-based tokens – in the authentication process to mitigate the risks inherent to passwords, thereby increasing security overall. MFA is not a panacea, however. Not all risks can be mitigated, and the additional requirement can introduce new risks to business continuity. There is also, of course, cost and effort involved in supporting additional authentication technologies.

Through interaction with the audience, we will explore the business drivers for multi-factor authentication, including the factors that determine when and where and how it should be applied, and for what segments of the user community (including the entire community). We will explore potential deployment scenarios, based on an institution's specific business drivers, and assessment criteria and operational issues for MFA. Finally, we will introduce Internet2's NSTIC-funded MFA Cohortium, a group of over 40 universities that are exploring the issues surrounding the use of multi-factor authentication in higher education and research.


Speaker Michael Grady Internet2 Scalable Privacy Project

Speaker David Walker Internet2 Scalable Privacy Project

Speaker Joe St Sauver Internet2/University of Oregon

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Primary track Cloud, Trust, Identity and Middleware Applications

Secondary tracks Cloud, Trust, Identity and Middleware Applications

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