2014 Internet2 Global Summit

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AtlanticWave + Americas Lightpaths: Enhancing Research Connectivity between North and South America with Open Lightpath Exchanges and 100G Waves

Time 04/09/14 04:30PM-05:30PM

Room Governor's Square 17

Session Abstract

The session will concern itself with the construction of high capacity fiber optic links extending along the Atlantic side of the Americas between NYC and S. Paulo, Brazil, also known as Atlantic Wave. Within the territorial US, between NYC and Miami, this is implemented by terrestrial fiber currently with 100G capacity. Beyond Miami, the connection is extended by submarine links forming part of the Americas Lightpaths (Amlight) infrastructure, currently formed by 10G waves on four distinct and spatially diverse submarine cable systems.

The speakers will talk about how this infrastructure has developed and grown since its origins in 2001, when South American networks were first connected to US networks, including Internet2, by a state of the art submarine cable. Attention will be paid to the impact of the IRNC awards and the incorporation of these infrastructures into the global GLIF collaboration, with the Open Lightpath Exchanges MANLAN, MAX, WIX, SOX, AMPATH and SouthernLight (SOL). The talks will also describe future trends including the 100 Gbps submarine cable experiment, in which an alien wave at 100 Gbps will be inserted in a live 10 Gbps DWDM system on an active fiber pair of one of the submarine cables between Miami and Brazil.

Existing and proposed future use of the infrastructure includes experiments carried out on at-scale network-enabled testbeds. AtlanticWave is evolving to support Software Defined Networking (SDN) capabilities and data-intensive at-scale network-enabled experiments, spanning North and South America. With the SDN capabilities of the Internet2 AL2S, AtlanticWave, in collaboration with StarLight, PacificWave, and international R&E networks, will be able to extend network-enabled experiments to a global scale.

Presenters are from the research networks involved, the cable operator and the Brazilian technology company providing the equipment for the 100 Gbps submarine trial.


Speaker Michael Stanton RNP

Speaker Luis Lopez ANSP

Speaker Julio Ibarra FIU - AmLight

Speaker Glauco Pereira Padtec

Speaker Pietro Valocchi LAN

Speaker Dale Finkelson Internet2

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Openwave Project: Challenges and Method for 100G Openwave Project: Challenges and Method for 100G

Speaker Glauco Pereira Padtec

Primary track Innovations in Infrastructure

Secondary tracks Innovations in Infrastructure

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