2014 Internet2 Global Summit

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The Future of Trust: Lifestyles of the Attribute Rich and Privacy Preserved

Time 04/10/14 08:45AM-10:00AM

Room Governor's Square 10

Session Abstract

As the R&E community that created federated identity, we recognize that we are only part of the way down the path of the original vision. There is invention, and deployment, immediately ahead. These frontiers, driven largely by the need to scale in trust and users, affect the mechanisms that create and exchange metadata to manage Internet-scale trust, and the abilities of users to leverage that trust to manage their own privacy and attribute release.The first part of this session will look at the future of trust, providing updates on the protocols and operational standards on the exchange of metadata, as well as the current thinking on the policy dimensions of trust, including the periodic table of trust elements, trust marks, and trust frameworks in national and international settings. The second part of the session will look at the cutting edge efforts of a group of institutions to deploy tools for end user privacy management, next-generation approaches to accessibility, attributes for enhanced services, and new types of credentials for providing assertions without observability.


Speaker Ken Klingenstein Internet2

Speaker Leif Johansson SUNET

Primary track Cloud, Trust, Identity and Middleware Applications

Secondary tracks Internet2 NET+ Services National/Regional Collaboration Global Reach and Leadership Cloud, Trust, Identity and Middleware Applications Focus on Federations Security International

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