2014 Internet2 Global Summit

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Monday General Session: Global Innovation

Time 04/07/14 01:15PM-02:30PM

Room Plaza Ballroom A/B/C

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Session Abstract

Keynote speaker: Chris Vein
Opening remarks: Patrick J. Burns, Dr. Anthony Frank

Chris Vein, Chief Innovation Officer for Global Technology Development at the World Bank, will deliver the "Global Innovation" keynote at the 2014 Internet2 Global Summit.

Vein will focus on the power of advanced networks to spur innovation and transform emerging regions of the world by enabling valuable research on climate, agriculture, and medical developments to be broadly shared and accessed. Through a partnership with the Internet2 community and international partners, World Bank offices across the globe will have access to advanced networks, enabling new applications and capabilities for emerging regions.

Focusing on the impact of his work with Information and Communications Technology (ICT) on global health, global technology and economic stimulation, Chris will also discuss how the new partnership with the international research and education community—and the innovation it fosters—will change the global landscape.


Speaker Patrick Burns Colorado State University

Speaker Anthony Frank Colorado State University

Keynote Speaker Chris Vein

Chris Vein leads the implementation of the World Bank’s ICT strategy, ICT policy and engagement dialogue with internal and external clients, and global ICT knowledge and expertise sharing with client countries. Prior to joining the World Bank, Vein was the Deputy U.S. Chief Technology Officer for Government Innovation in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, where he focused on making government more open, entrepreneurial, and lean; creating new and innovative opportunities for delivering government products, services and processes; and incubating innovation capacity in the civic, technology and civic society arenas.

Over the past two decades, Chris Vein has had the honor of serving four U.S. Presidents, thousands of professional association practitioners around the world, for-profit consulting organizations, and local government organizations. Learn more about the World Bank’s Chris Vein at http://www.govtech.com/e-government/Chris-Vein-Leaves-White-House-for-the-World-Bank.html.

Photo courtesy of the World Bank.

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