2014 Internet2 Global Summit

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8K, 4K, HD NREN Surgeries Worldwide

Time 04/09/14 01:15PM-02:30PM

Room Plaza Court 1

Session Abstract

Surgeons around the globe have now the opportunity to interact and discuss among specialists, residents and students. The use of video communication in higher definition attracts now even the most conservative. The images enlarge presence perception, the sound facility is fine and also the availability of digital material to compose on-line teaching and researching ambient. NRENs world wide are expanding capacities forming Telehealth University Community Collaboration, bridging Science, Technology and Innovation, Education and Health Federal Authorities to discuss, finance and work together. The results up to now show the construction of NRENs in every continent integrating communities of health scientists. Collaborative Telehealth sessions are occurring between Brazil and Latin America, Asia-Pacific, the US, Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa and Australia. The aim of this panel is to show and discuss surgeries in 4, 8k, hd simultaneously world wide. Captions and trasnmissions will be delivered from the NRENs RNP-Brazil and CESNET-Czech Republic.


Speaker Luiz Ary Messina RNP

Speaker Guido Lemos Federal University of the Paraiba-Brazil

Speaker Daniel Casares Internet2

Speaker Jiri Navratil CESnet

Speaker Irami Araujo UFRN - Brazil

Speaker Thomas Fryer GEANT/DANTE

Primary track Building the Global Platform

Secondary tracks Advanced Network Services and Leadership National/Regional Collaboration Health Sciences Building the Global Platform Video Technologies International

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