2014 Internet2 Global Summit

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XSEDE Campus Bridging Tools

Time 04/07/14 03:00PM-04:00PM

Room Governor's Square 12

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Session Abstract

The term "campus bridging" was first used in the charge given by H. Edward Seidel to a National Science Foundation Advisory Committee for Cyberinfrastructure (ACCI) task force. That task force developed this description of campus bridging:

"Campus bridging is the seamlessly integrated use of cyberinfrastructure operated by a scientist or engineer with other cyberinfrastructure on the scientist's campus, at other campuses, and at the regional, national, and international levels as if they were proximate to the scientist, and when working within the context of a Virtual Organization (VO) make the 'virtual' aspect of the organization irrelevant (or helpful) to the work of the VO."

The Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) partnership has taken on the task of providing many of the capabilities described by that NSF ACCI task force. This is no small undertaking, as tools adopted must meet a rigorous engineering process adopted by XSEDE to ensure a consistent, well-tested work environment on XSEDE resources. This seminar will describe the use cases driving the XSEDE work, and detail the real software tools available to users today—tools that can be used within and between institutions regardless of their need for connection with the XSEDE project.


Speaker James W. Ferguson University of Tennessee

Speaker Rich Knepper Indiana University

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail XSEDE Campus Bridging Tools

Speaker James W. Ferguson University of Tennessee

Speaker Rich Knepper Indiana University

Primary track Innovations in Infrastructure

Secondary tracks National/Regional Collaboration Research Partnership Development and Engagement Cloud, Trust, Identity and Middleware Applications Innovations in Infrastructure Cyberinfrastructure