2014 Internet2 Global Summit

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Using Big Data to Revolutionize Agriculture Worldwide

Time 04/09/14 01:15PM-02:30PM

Room Plaza Ballroom A/B/C

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Session Abstract

Several trends are increasing the importance of using science to improve agriculture: world population growth, decreasing agricultural acreage, climate change, slowing crop yield growth, and use of crops for bio–energy. Additionally, there is a historical link between food prices and political instability – the Arab Spring being most recent example. However, advances in the biosciences, most notably genomics and its “omics” siblings, have been transformative disciplines. Genetic information can be used to better feed the world and improve the quality of animal and food crops. Research activities center on the genomics, bioinformatics and computational biology of animals, plants and their pathogens. This involves the acquisition of large datasets (genome and transcriptome sequence, expression profiles, annotation, etc.) and the use of bioinformatic and computational biology analyses to improve our understanding of plant and animal biology. The proposed panel discusses progress in agro-bioscience enabling cyberinfrastructures - high performance computing, cloud services, storage options, collaborative tools and high speed networking. We also explore the importance of data management, open data policy and government/academia/industry collaboration.


Speaker Howard-Yana Shapiro Mars Inc.

Speaker David Bergvinson Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Speaker Stephen Goff iPlant Collaborative

Speaker Jane Silverthorne National Science Foundation

Speaker George Wiggans United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Services (USDA)

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail USDA Agricultural Research Service's Big Data and Support Plans

Speaker George Wiggans United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Services (USDA)

Primary track Innovative Partnerships, Uses and Applications

Secondary tracks Research Partnership Development and Engagement Advanced Network Services and Leadership Global Reach and Leadership Health Sciences Industry Partnership Development and Engagement Cloud, Trust, Identity and Middleware Applications Innovative Partnerships, Uses and Applications Cyberinfrastructure