2014 Internet2 Global Summit

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The Chasm of Cyber Infrastructure – Virtualization Is the New Black

Time 04/08/14 04:30PM-05:30PM

Room Governor's Square 12

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Session Abstract

The Cyber Infrastructure (CI) vision has been around for a couple of years. The development of such infrastructure requires a radical design philosophy and a foundation to build upon. It needs the development of an architecture that defines the components, their organizations and their interactions. Since the CI has an international scope and connections, this specification will as much as possible be done in international cooperation and leads to international standards and agreements.

The main challenge of a CI is to provide an unified and standardized way for the composition of trustworthy, multi-domain and on-demand services for an international research group (or virtual organization). These services can be network resources, storage and HPC, but also collaboration tools for writing papers and exchanging research data. The CI demands a form of service orchestration where virtualization and management of services and resources in a distributed, heterogeneous environment is essential.

In this session we would like to address the road blocks for the introduction of a Cyber Infrastructure, i.e. the lack of (global) trust infrastructure, the slow development and up-take of the appropriate protocols, standards and technologies. Furthermore we want to discuss the best practices and emerging multi-technology virtualization like OpenStack, and Neutrino that could speed up the adoption of CI.


Speaker Harold Teunissen SURFnet

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Primary track Innovations in Infrastructure

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