2014 Internet2 Global Summit

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Operational Uses of Internet2 and MOU Partner NRENS

Time 04/08/14 03:00PM-04:00PM

Room Governor's Square 12

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Session Abstract

The US government as well as other governments and organizations are partnering with Internet2 and NRENs for exchange of Big Data. In addition to R&E usage this can include operational data with near real time requirements in some cases. Environmental weather satellite data is one example of this. I2 and NREN infrastructures will be leveraged as part of solutions to transport near real time satellite data feeds from downlink sites to processing centers and will also be used to transport near real time data products from national distribution centers to partner organizations, universities, and users world wide. The new generation of environmental weather satellites each typically generate multi terabytes a day of data products. One satellite is operational now with more than ten satellites planned for launch in the next several years. Many partner organizations world wide want near real time feeds of this data.

These near real time data requirements coupled with the interest and demand of a broad community have organizations seeking reliability and assurance in kind to commercial SLA's which could have potential impact to R&E provider infrastructure and operations.


Speaker Michael Laufer NOAA / N-Wave

Speaker David Hartzell NOAA / N-Wave

Speaker Lothar Wolf EUMETSAT

Speaker Robert Sears NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, Washington, D.C.)

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media item thumbnail NOAA External Network Connectivity

Speaker Robert Sears NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, Washington, D.C.)

Primary track Innovative Partnerships, Uses and Applications

Secondary tracks Advanced Network Services and Leadership National/Regional Collaboration Global Reach and Leadership Innovative Partnerships, Uses and Applications Network Performance Cloud Services Network Planning and Engineering International