Improving Data Mobility & Management for International Climate Science

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ICNWG meeting

Time 07/14/14 05:45PM-07:15PM

Room GC402

Session Abstract

Session Abstract

The International Climate Network Working Group (ICNWG), formed under the Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF), helps set up and optimize network infrastructures for ESGF climate data sites located around the world. ESGF is a coordinated multi-agency, international collaboration of institutions that continually develop, deploy, and maintain software needed to facilitate and empower the study of climate change. Through ESGF, users access, analyze, and visualize data using a globally federated collection of networks, computers, and software.

This meeting will discuss current progress on ICNWG milestones related to the Enlighten Your Research award from SC13 (500MB/sec or 4Gbps between a set of ESGF sites), as well as broader goals for new members. Organizations which are not currently members are encouraged to attend the meeting, especially those that have ESGF nodes or those that are planning to deploy ESGF nodes.

Draft agenda

● ICNWG purpose and goals
○ EYR status
○ Beyond EYR
● Methods of performance verification
○ Network
○ Data transfer
● Globus integration
○ Status
○ Architecture
○ To-Do list


Speaker Eli Dart Energy Sciences Network (ESnet)