Improving Data Mobility & Management for International Climate Science

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Considering the Way Forward for Data Science and International Climate Science

Time 07/14/14 04:45PM-05:15PM

Room GC402

Session Abstract

Many factors become intertwined in various ways in the discussion about and performance of climate science on a national and international scale. The scientific drivers to better understand climate change implications may be somewhat different around the globe depending on the impacts a region has experienced from various phenomena over the years. The components needed to provide an appropriate infrastructure for climate science, such as networks, computational and storage capabilities, and massive amounts of data, are similar but the actual realization of these components can be quite diverse around the world. In addition to variables in network and computational speeds, the data accessibility and usability issues can present major obstacles to both the efficiency and performance of climate science. The long term management of a data center which provides data for climate science, development of many technologies for accessing, analyzing and visualizing various types of data; and the involvement with international data science groups will provide some of the experiential foundations for this presentation. Incorporating aspects of data science into climate science will be discussed as we consider the way forward.


Speaker Sara Graves University of Alabama in Huntsville

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