Improving Data Mobility & Management for International Climate Science

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Climate data management using Globus

Time 07/14/14 04:15PM-04:45PM

Room GC402

Session Abstract

Globus provides software-as-a-service (SaaS) for research data management, including data movement, storage, sharing, and publication. Globus provides easy-to-use services and tools for research data management, enabling researchers to access advanced capabilities using just a Web browser. Globus transfer solutions have been routinely used Globus transfer services, recommended as part of the ESnet Science DMZ model, have been integrated with the Earth System Grid Federation portal, such that users can transfer/download selected data using using high performance and managed transfer tool. In addition to end user capabilities, Globus provides quick installation and deployment of data movement services for administrators, making it trivial to provide high performance data transfer capabilities to users.

In this talk, we will introduce Globus services, and describe how various capabilities can be effectively used for data management, covering both end user capabilities and facility owners. We will demonstrate use of Globus transfer service for managed and reliable file transfer, and Globus sharing service for secure collaborative sharing of data. The talk will also include a preview of new capabilities for data publication using Globus.


Speaker Rachana Ananthakrishnan University of Chicago

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