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New Data Analytic Capability for Life Science Workflows

Time 07/18/13 10:20AM-10:35AM

Session Abstract

Fast, reliable and easy to use data analytic capabilities play a crucial role in the Workflow of a Life Science project. In the "NERSC Parallel Database" pilot project, we investigate emerging database technologies (such as SciDB), and aim to use them for the following 2 purposes:

  1. Perform fast, easy to use data analytic tasks on TB of data, interactively (without going through queues, etc), and
  2. A powerful back-end for a web gateway where users can submit "smart queries" that analyze TB of data, and return result in real-time.
We are currently collaborating with multiple life science projects (in Joint-Genome Institute and Computer Research Division of LBNL) Preliminary result shows great performance gains of many key operations. We would like to present some results and seek community feedback. This work may greatly increase the efficiency of the workflow of many projects.


Speaker Yushu Yao LBNL/NERSC

Presentation Media

Secondary tracks Workflow Engines