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Tigres: Template Interfaces for Agile Parallel Data-Intensive Science

Time 07/18/13 10:50AM-11:05AM

Session Abstract

DOE User Facilities and large science collaborations are increasingly
generating large data sets. It is no longer practical to download them
to collaborator's institutions and analyze them on local machines.
They are instead stored at centralized compute and storage resources
such as high performance computing (HPC) centers. Current
technologies, makes it difficult even for experts to compose and scale
their analysis workflows to an HPC center. The Tigres project is
addressing the challenge of enabling collaborative analysis of DOE
Science data through a new concept of reusable "templates" that enable
scientists to easily compose, run, and manage collaborative
computational tasks. These templates define common computation
patterns used in analyzing a data set and are easily accessible as
libraries in programming languages. The talk will cover an overview of
the project.


Speaker Lavanya Ramakrishnan LBNL/NERSC

Presentation Media

Secondary tracks Workflow Engines