Network Issues for Life Sciences Research

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Fixing the last mile: an overview of different network solutions for lightpath technology

Time 07/17/13 10:50AM-11:05AM

Session Abstract

The past few years, SURFnet has put a lot of effort in promoting the use of lightpath technology by the research community. This has resulted in a number of projects in which the benefits of lightpaths for research are explored. Before the researchers could make use of the service, considerable effort had to be put in making the existing local network infrastructure suitable for lightpaths. We would like to present two of our Life Sciences lightpath projects. One of the projects, Genome of the Netherlands, has delivered a nationwide network of dynamic lightpaths in the Netherlands. This network consists of 12 clusters, mostly located at universities and university medical centers. The other project involves fixed lightpaths between MRI scanners at two different medical centers and an HPC cluster in the cloud. SURFnet worked together with the IT experts of the institutions involved to design the last mile, i.e the infrastructure from the SURFnet PoP to the local cluster. We will present an overview of the network issues we encountered and the different solutions the experts implemented to make the desired infrastructure usable for the researcher. This talk will also address the benefits of the lightpaths for our users.


Speaker Migiel de Vos SURFnet

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