Network Issues for Life Sciences Research

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Network Issues for Life Sciences Research

In July 2013, ESnet and Internet2 hosted the first CrossConnects Workshop1, held at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory/ESnet, from Wednesday, July 17 through Thursday, July 18.

As the first of its kind, this meeting brought together network experts with scientists in the domain of life sciences to discuss their most pressing network-related issues and requirements. The workshop included a slate of invited speakers and panelists. The format was designed to encourage lively, interactive discussions with the goal of developing a set of tangible next steps for supporting this data-intensive science community. A link to the GoogleDoc with meeting summary note is HERE.

Four topics were explored in depth within the context of Life Sciences:

  1. Workflow Engines, Portals, Storage, and Gateways: David Skinner (NERSC/Science Gateways), Ewa Deelman (USC/ISI Pegasus), Yushu Yao (LBNL/NERSC), Lavanya Ramakrishnan (LBNL), and James Taylor (Emory University/PI for Galaxy Project)
  2. Data Movement Architecture and Tools: Steve Tuecke (Globus Online), Martin Swany (Indiana University), Michelle Munson (Aspera), Jason Zurawski (ESnet), and Dan Maltbie (Annai Systems)
  3. Public and Private Cloud Architectures: Narayan Desai (ANL), Bob Grossman (University of Chicago/BioNimbus), and Sanjay Joshi (EMC)
  4. Network Infrastructure Issues and Architectures: Don Preuss (NIH/NCBI), Chris Dagdigian (BioTeam), Migiel de Vos (SURFnet), KC Wang (Clemson University), and Bill Barnett (Indiana University/Director of NCGAS)

Concurrent Meetings

  • ESCC Meeting, Monday July 15 through Tuesday, July 16
  • JET Meeting, Tuesday July 16 (from 5:45-7:45PM in Building 66, Room 316)

1 Originally called a "Focused Technical Workshop," this event became the basis for the CrossConnects Workshop Series due to its intense focus on exchanges between researchers and network experts supporting research efforts.