2013 Internet2 Annual Meeting

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Michael Cheetham

ORG American Association for the Advancement of Science Title BIO Mr. Cheetham has served as head of the US office of the Indo-US Science & Technology Forum (IUSSTF) since its creation on President Clinton's visit to India in March 2000. The IUSSTF is a private foundation based in New Delhi created to stimulate collaborative research efforts among government, industry and academia. The IUSSTF supports a grants program for US and Indian investigators to design large scale, mutually beneficial projects in science, engineering, and health. Through its peer review process and grants program the IUSSTF has developed a network comprising hundreds of institutions in each country. The IUSSTF has supported the interaction of over 12,000 individuals in fellowships, workshops, symposia, short term research exchanges, virtual joint centers, and a flagship program utilizing teams of young investigators to explore the Frontiers of Science and Engineering. IUSSTF also administers two other major bilateral S&T programs: a $30 million applied R&D and technology commercialization fund; and the 5-year $100 million Joint Clean Energy Research and Development Center with a focus on solar energy, second generation biofuels, and energy efficiency in buildings. In 2005 Mr. Cheetham founded the Indian Science and Technology Partnership (INSTP), a non- profit organization dedicated to increasing linkages between the scientific communities of India and the United States. INSTP works primarily to introduce the US scientific community to the capabilities of Indian scientific institutions and to stimulate collaboration between the United States and India on global issues such as reducing disease burden, increasing agricultural productivity, facilitating cleaner and more efficient energy production and use, and access to clean water. INSTP was initially based at the Smithsonian Institution and has since moved to the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He has twenty years of experience building and managing international partnerships in science and technology, with an exclusive focus for ten years on energy and environment, covering energy efficiency, renewable energy, R&D strategies, technology commercialization and transfer, advanced electric power generation, and global climate change. From 1997 to 2004 he was a program director in the Policy and Global Affairs division, National Research Council of The National Academies. Earlier he worked on international collaborative programs for the Institute for International Education, the World Energy Efficiency Association, and the Atlantic Council of the United States.

Sessions and Presentations

US-India Science and Education Partnerships

Time 04/22/13 04:30PM-05:30PM