2013 Internet2 Annual Meeting

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Connecting to Internet2

Time 04/22/13 04:30PM-05:30PM

Session Abstract

While the deployment of the new 100Gig Internet2 Network provides an opportunity for the Internet2 community to redefine advanced networking for research and education, it also presents many universities and connectors with a challenge -- how to cost effectively deploy 100 Gbps transport infrastructure from their respective campuses to access the nearest Internet2 hub.

This panel discussion will review practical, cost-effective solutions for enabling 100 Gbps wavelength connections from research & education networks to the Internet2 backbone.

The advanced modulation for 100 Gbps optical transport enables 100G wavelengths to be easily added to existing 10 Gbps DWDM systems. See which vendor solutions support this functionality.

The monthly recurring cost operating expenses of colocation (i.e. space, power, cooling, etc.) can, over time, outweigh the capital costs of equipment. Learn how the various vendor solutions address these factors.

Come see which vendor solutions are compatible with 100GHz and 50GHz DWDM modulation schemes and can operate on any available wavelength within current 40- and 80-channel DWDM wavelength plans.

Discussion topics to include:


Speaker Jim Archuleta Ciena

Speaker Tom McDermott Fujitsu Network Communications

Speaker Dale Finkelson Internet2

Speaker Brian Savory Optelian

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail 100G: A How-To Cookbook (ppt)

Speaker Tom McDermott Fujitsu Network Communications

Secondary tracks Research Partnership Development and Engagement Network Planning and Engineering National/Regional Collaboration Innovations in Infrastructure Industry Partnership Development and Engagement Cyberinfrastructure Advanced Network Services and Leadership

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