2013 Internet2 Annual Meeting

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Network Tools Tutorial

Time 04/22/13 03:00PM-04:00PM

Session Abstract

The Network Tools Tutorial highlights research and development of novel network tools by members of the Internet2 community.

Zhenzhen Yan, from the University of Virginia, will present "QoS provisioning for large, high-rate file transfers". Her work looks into the use of dynamic circuits, provided by technology such as Software Defined Networking, and how they can be leveraged for large, high-rate, file transfers. Experimentation has shown that network policy and scheduling has a serious impact on traditional file-transfer applications; this work suggests alternatives to enable the harmonious sharing of resources between high-rate and delay-sensitive flows through modifications to Quality of Service configuration.

Jason Zurawski, from Internet2, will present a study on network performance gathered from selected campus environments. These results highlight the struggles faced in modern scientific use of the network, namely by pointing out infrastructure abnormalities that impact network use. Specific topics will revolve around the design of network architecture for science, as well as an emphasis on ways that existing security policies and mechanisms could be transformed to enable science, while still protecting sensitive resources.


Speaker Jason Zurawski Internet2

Speaker Zhenzhen Yan University of Virginia

Presentation Media

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Speaker Zhenzhen Yan University of Virginia

Secondary tracks Security Network Planning and Engineering Network Performance Middleware International Health Sciences Cyberinfrastructure Cloud Services

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