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APAN Medical Working Group - Cardiology: Live education of interventional cardiovascular medicine

Time 01/16/13 03:00PM-04:30PM

Session Abstract

The cardiovascular intervention was started in 1977 by Andreas Gruentzig, To make this procedure more common, he selected the live transmission educational method. Currently, we continue doing this educational activity in each country. However, the technology of devices for interventional cardiology is now progressing very rapidly and we think this kind of educational activity is necessary between different countries. In APAN 2013 meeting, we will have the 2nd teleconference among Asian Pacific countries with experiences interventional cardiologists. We are going to discuss various possibility of telemedicine for the cardiovascular interventional education.

Chair - Fumiaki Ikeno, Stanford University

Co-chair - Shuji Shimizu, Kyushu University Hospital

Remote participants - Satoru Sumitsuji, Osaka University, Paul Kao, National Taiwan University, Huay Cheem Tan, National University of Singapore and Fumiaki Ikeno, Stanford University

Secondary tracks R&E Network Applications Global Collaboration e-Medicine / e-Health

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