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TERENA NREN Compendium BoF

Time 01/15/13 03:30PM-05:00PM

Session Abstract

Do you know what your organisation was up to ten years ago? Even five years ago?

Research and Education Networks (RENs) around the world are doing pioneering work and are often at the forefront of Internet developments in their countries. Yet the resources available to them are relatively meagre.

It is important to show to the outside world what RENs are doing and to document their progress. APAN, TERENA and RedCLARA have been doing important work in this area. With help from Google, a start has been made with a global collaboration effort.

At the BoF, we would like to discuss existing work aimed at documenting the work of RENs (such as the TERENA and RedCLARA Compendiums) and invite ideas on how to bring this work to the global scale.

What data to collect? How to collect data? How can we make it important enough for RENs to participate? How have RENs benefited from existing efforts? How to get the make sure that we collect and publish information that is relevant to RENs and their stakeholders?

All these topics will be up for discussion at the BoF, all are cordially invited to attend.

Secondary tracks Network Architecture & Operations Global Collaboration

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