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RPKI-Based BGP Origin Validation Tutorial

Time 01/13/13 10:30AM-12:00PM

Session Abstract

BGP Origin Validation based on the Resource Public Key Infrastructure
(RPKI) is in production, all RIRs have services, Cisco and Juniper have
shipping code, operators are deploying. It protects against accidental
mis-origination, the most common routing error we see today. The
documents from the sidr working group of the IETF are done and almost
all are RFCs, two remain in the queue.

We will explain and demonstrate the work-flow for using the full
implementation in open source RPKI software from GUI to running router.

Operators can play with the entire system, end to end. Attendees can
create RPKI objects with the GUI and configure routers to deal with
valid and invalid routing. The more adventurous sysadmin talented
attendee with access to a UNIX, Linux, or MacOSX environment, can start
to build and install the open source RPKI software, though the limited
time means you will finish later.

Secondary tracks Security

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