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Joint APAN IAM WG & REFEDS Meeting

Time 01/16/13 03:30PM-05:00PM

Session Abstract

Chairman: Kazu Yamaji


Motonori Nakamura

Kento Aida

Takuya Matsuhira

Nicole Harris

Licia Florio

Yasuo Okabe

This session will encourage the collaborations of middleware developers and those responsible for identity management and directory services to discuss ways to get campuses ready for middleware technologies so that end users can connect to the network and access resources (online journals, collaborative services, grid applications, wireless roaming, etc.) in a secure, scalable and manageable way. This workshop may also include some Grid Middleware talks.

Target Audience:
People who are engaged in and/or interested in middleware on the network services, such as access management federation, wireless roaming, grid computing and collaboration tools.


Session1 ||
Session Chair: Takuya Matsuhira

15:30-15:45 Identity Provider Operation Survey in GakuNin --
Kazu Yamaji, National Institute of Informatics

GakuNin, Japanese academic access management federation, is performing annual survey of identity provider operation. Since the GakuNin is now able to act as a trust framework provider which was certified by OIX, the survey is also related to the self-assessment of the LoA 1 application. This talk introduces survey results in 2012 and discusses how to support the university operation from the federation point of view.

15:45-16:00 Privacy Enhancement for Open Federated Identity/Access Management Platforms --
Motonori Nakamura, National Institute of Informatics

Identity management within an organization has begun to be open, and started to construct public identity/access management federations all over the world. SAML and OpenID are popular standards for such purpose. But there are some missing functionalities to protect privacy in current implementations. This talk introduces the project overview which is trying to solve the privacy issues.

16:00-16:15 High Performance Computing Infrastructure in Japan --
Kento Aida, National Institute of Informatics

The High Performance Computing Infrastructure (HPCI) in Japan started production-level operation in September 2012. HPCI is distributed computing infrastructure currently organized by supercomputers in 10 sites and high performance storages in two sites. This talk presents an overview of HPCI and the authentication mechanism.

Session 2 ||
Session Chair: Nicole Harris

16:15-17:00 REFEDS Meeting --
Nicole Harris, JISC Advance

REFEDS' mission is to be the voice that articulates the mutual needs of research and education identity federations worldwide, in the ever-growing space of access and identity management. This meeting will describe activities so far and seek input from the APAN community.


Speaker Nicole Harris REFEDs and JISC

Speaker Motonori Nakamura National Institute of Informatics

Speaker Kento Aida National Institute of Informatics

Speaker Kazu Yamaji National Institute of Informatics

Speaker Yasuo Okabe Kyoto University

Speaker Hideaki Sone Tohoku University

Speaker Suhaimi Napis Universiti Utara Malaysia

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail High Performance Computing Infrastructure in Japan (pdf)

Speaker Kento Aida National Institute of Informatics

Secondary tracks Security R&E Network Applications Global Collaboration

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