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GLORIAD's New Measurement & Monitoring System

Time 01/16/13 11:15AM-11:30AM

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Session Abstract

The Global Ring Network for Advanced Applications Development (GLORIAD) is a network-enabled community providing advanced collaborative services to scientists, educators and students around the world. Its evolution since the late 1990s will be briefly described - with a focus on core principles, architecture, services, public/private partners and future plans. Special attention will be placed on its decentralized model of operations and governance - and the case made for how this serves the purpose of fostering the continuous, flexible, community-driven innovation required for modern science infrastructure.

During the past year, GLORIAD has been working on a new system for measuring and monitoring global network infrastructure focused less on performance needs of individual customers across end-to-end flows. To accomplish its goal of actively improving global infrastructure for individual customers, the new system is designed to to (1) understand the network needs and requirements of a global customer base by actively studying utilization; (2) identify poor performance of individual applications by constantly (and in near-real-time) analyzing information on such per-flow metrics as load, packet loss, jitter and routing asymmetries; (3) mitigate poor performing applications by identifying weaknesses in the global fabric and actively sharing that information with global partners; (4) build visual analysis applications such as GLORIAD-Earth and the new GloTOP to help make sense of the enormous volume of data.

To realize this new model of measurement and monitoring (focused less on links and more on individual customers), GLORIAD has recently moved from its netflow-based system (used since 1998 and storing approximately 1 million records per day) to a new, much more detailed system


Speaker Greg Cole GLORIAD

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Secondary tracks Security Network Performance/Utilization Network Architecture & Operations Global Collaboration

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