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Earth-science Data Delivery: Reducing the Gap

Time 01/14/13 01:20PM-01:40PM

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Session Abstract

Despite the high-performance networks and compute systems available today, scientists still encounter difficulties moving large datasets in a timely fashion. Often these problems are out of their control. Tools are available to address these issues, but the network wizard gap still exists.

NOAA, NASA, DoE and the USGS are producing hundreds of terabytes per day of Earth-science related data, but scientists are often separated from the data and need to move the data around towards the storage and compute resources. The next-generation of Earth observation satellites are coming online in the next few years, which will add even more data that needs to be moved.

This presentation will discuss some of the issues that NOAA has encountered over the last few years regarding data movement, and how those issues were addressed, even within the environment of increasing Federal security standards.


Speaker Dave Hartzell NASA Advanced Supercomputing

Presentation Media

Secondary tracks R&E Network Applications Network Performance/Utilization Global Collaboration

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