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Exploring GENI Racks

Time 01/16/13 11:20AM-11:40AM

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Session Abstract

The Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI) network prototyping resources now include combinations of processors, storage and programmable switches built into expandable GENI racks. We expect GENI Racks to be fielded at over 40 locations
during the next 18 months. These racks support a variety of research and operations experiments, that enable end-to-end experiment slices across a wide range of technologies and protocols in campus, regional, metropolitan and core network environments. The presentation will share engineering experiences from recent rack deployment and integration work, along with hints for using GENI resources to support joint innovations with campus IT groups, commercial vendors, teachers and researchers. This session will include a demonstration of current network engineering and operations functions on live GENI racks that support Software Defined Networking and distributed applications.


Speaker Heidi Picher Dempsey GENI Project Office

Presentation Media

Secondary tracks Software Defined Networking Network Research & Emerging Technologies Network Performance/Utilization

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