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Measuring & Modeling the Adoption of IPv6

Time 01/14/13 01:20PM-01:40PM

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Session Abstract

We use BGP data and recent active measurements to
trends in the growth, structure, dynamics and
performance of the
evolving IPv6 Internet, and compare them to the
evolution of IPv4. We
find that the IPv6 network is slowly maturing. While
most core
transit providers have deployed IPv6, edge networks
lagging. IPv6 deployment has been stronger in Europe
and the Asia-Pacific region than in North America.
The IPv6 topology is characterized by a single
dominant player
(Hurricane Electric) which appears in a large fraction
of IPv6
paths, and is more dominant in IPv6 than the most
dominant player in
IPv4. Routing dynamics in the IPv6 topology are
similar to
those in IPv4, and churn in both networks grows at the
same rate
as the underlying topologies.
Our measurements suggest that performance over
IPv6 paths is
comparable to IPv4 paths if the AS-level paths are the
but can be much worse than IPv4 if the AS-level
paths differ.


Speaker kc claffy CAIDA

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Secondary tracks Network Architecture & Operations IPv6 Global Collaboration

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